Welcome bloggers and readers!

You appear to have found your way through the vast and sometimes strange internet to my small corner over here. It’s nice to see you, pull up some cyberspace and come join us!

I’m Lizzie and I’m a student…which basically means that I eat a lot of baked beans and stream a lot of films online. Sometimes I do a bit of university work with varying rates of success. Having a blog is just another of my elaborate procrastination methods and it seems to be going quite well!

Here I’ll weave through a mixture of random thoughts and observations and music and hopefully you’ll see something you like and stick around and I will learn something through some of the experiences I’ll be sharing…we’ll see, eh? :D

As a brief side note, I have no idea how to use WordPress so if you fancy dropping a few hints on how I can make my page nicer and explain to me how I can do that, well that’s be just splendid! :D


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