We should all take a leaf from this guy’s book!

Hello internet!

Firstly, I’d like to start by saying how overwhelmed I was by the response from my interview with Our Theory! It was so rewarding to see people reading, sharing and visiting my blog; it gave me so much encouragement that journalism is something that I’d love to go into, it’s given me more of a nudge in the right direction rather than floating meaninglessly through not having a clue what to do with my degree once I’ve got it! People from all over read it: Italy, Kenya, New Zealand (props to Team Long for that!), the PHILIPPINES! I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYONE WHO LIVES IN THE PHILIPPINES!

It’s safe to say that the whole thing blew my mind.

But now for that awkward second album…

I was going to do a round up of several of the different musical news items which have happened recently (the split of Kids In Glass Houses <sobs>, some of the music videos released in the last few days and the various new festival announcements – y’know things in that vein)….and then I thought should have a small rant on the Oscars and awards ceremonies happening at the moment and poor ol’ Leo DiCaprio…..

And THEN, about 10 minutes ago, I came across this on the BBC website. It was published at 20 to 1 this morning (4th March) and for me, it displays the resilience and curiosity which makes mankind a true force to be reckoned with.

It is the incredible story of an Indian man who, upon discovering how his wife was dealing with her time of the month, decided to do what most men would not and create his own sanitary towels for her and, in turn, women from the poorest villages across India.

I think I’d be right in saying that us girls in our western, developed countries tend to take advantage of the fact that we have such a high standard of feminine hygiene products available to us during this oh so wonderful time and at a reasonably low cost. As I was reading this article, I was shocked by how these Indian women dealt with it until Muruganantham, a school drop out from southern India, became morbidly curious of how he could improve hygiene standards for his wife.

However, it did come at some personal sacrifice: he was ostracised from his own village and branded a pervert for the research he conducted and his wife (the one he was doing this all for) left him because she couldn’t take the strain…there’s some irony there, I give you that.

It was through a phenomenal effort on his part that he eventually made a machine to make the sanitary pads which in turn provided jobs and an income for many women.

This is the kind of thing that we should be seeing in the news. We should see stories about amazing human achievements sandwiched in between all the stories of murders and wars because I don’t know about you, but when I read the article, I was astounded.

I’ve just been completely put off the news because of the fact that it’s all about horrible things that really bums me out! You look at the people and the disturbing acts being carried out around the world and it’s enough to make anyone lose hope. We should have more stories about this selfless feat and other news that just makes you feel a bit better about the state of humanity. Heck, even that story about that 2 year old Trick-shot Titus who can get a basketball in the net better than anyone, EVEN Channing Tatum! Follow that link…I’m not ashamed to admit that it makes me tear up a teeny bit at the end!

I think it’s important that stories like Muruganantham’s make it into the news – he’s a remarkable man and has done so much for women in his country and has done it all for barely any personal gain other than to have the people around him happier and healthier. I think they’re making his story into a documentary-style film in which we’ll be able to see how it all really came to be.

But for now, this guy needs some serious publicity and some kind of amazing human award for being incredible….is there a Nobel Prize for something like that? Because if so, he should get it.


I’ll probably cover music news in my next post, so if you want to hear about Kids In Glass Houses and other such news, stay tuned! :D

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Getting the hang of things….

Why is it that whenever I go to write something here my heart speeds up and my palms get a teeny bit sweaty?

I’m such a newbie! I think the thought of writing something and then putting it out there for anyone to see and read scares me a bit. The vastness of the internet constantly blows my mind – once something’s written, you can’t really ever delete it because you don’t know who’s read it or got hold of it…a similar argument that my mum poses to me whenever a questionable picture of me comes up on Facebook. She goes on about how a prospective employer could possibly see any of these pictures and freaks out about how it could be a handicap in the competitive job market. My counter argument is that my privacy settings are like the security around the crown jewels – I’ve been there, there’s cameras everywhere, it’s very dark (presumably to inhibit any attempts at escape and make you run into things) and there are very odd human conveyor belts…it’s a perplexing place to say the least. Ain’t nobody stealin’ those jewels!

But now, I’ve almost got over my aversion to posting, it’s something I get a tad excited about now. It may seem like I got over this fear over the space of minutes, but I wrote the previous paragraph two days ago…what can I do, I’m a procrastinator?

I’ve got over my aversion to posting because I’ve got another brave thing happening to me soon.

Cue heroic music!

LIZZIE’S NEW BRAVE THING NUMBER 2! (after making a blog)

I’m engaging in my first interview this week with an actual band! Music is a massive thing for me (as I mentioned in the previous post) and I’ve been tossing around the idea of going into music journalism as a career for a while. And as I’m being proactive at the moment and organising myself, I discovered that a relatively new band from France are playing in my town this coming week. Our Theory…have you heard of them? YouTube them, they’re new but show signs of great promise.

I sent them an email and asked if they’d mind giving me some experience and on Thursday, I’m going to conduct my first ever interview! <applause>

A little bit of me was hoping they’d say no – I’m a bit jittery about it to say the least!

If anyone has any tips or questions they’d like me to ask them, or even suggestions for an app I can get from the App Store to record it on, leave a comment, it’d be greatly appreciated!

For now, I’m going to leave it there, I’ve got a seminar to go to in a bit, French oral skills, ugh! 

Have a good day!


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