The what-I-call Music News (volume 2)

Hello again Internet!

Just wanted to drop a few lines on two of the big things that happened on Monday…today’s Wednesday so granted, I am a tad behind schedule! I’m a student, what can you do?

Monday at 7pm marked the triumphant return of Twin Atlantic. Off the back of the 2011 album ‘Free’, which received praise from the likes of Kerrang! Magazine and Rock Sound, they were on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour and also supported Blink 182 in their European tour. But in 2013, they were pretty quiet, and it turns out they were crafting their latest offering for the table of rock.

On Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show, the new single ‘Heart and Soul’ was aired and there was a MASSIVE response. Twitter blew up with both #TwinAtlantic and #heartandsoul with an abundance of positive feedback…quite a lot of which might have been me. I’m not going to lie, I spammed that hashtag because in my opinion, the song is brilliant! If you haven’t listened to it already, you can give it a listen here.

From the very moment it starts, I was hooked. The intro sounds like a more interesting/better version of that Arctic Monkeys song ‘Do I Wanna Know’ – more interesting in that it’s an intro that pins you down and gives you a lap dance in order to get your attention…or y’know the musical equivalent.

And then it launches you into the first verse and MY GOD! Sam McTrusty has never sounded more Scottish! It’s fantastic, such a bold statement that makes them instantly recognisable to any listener with a decent taste in music.

The chorus is equally as catchy as the rest of the song. It’s a wonderful aural feast of the best of Twin Atlantic, but with a twist of ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ by Def Leppard…and I just love it and I will be waiting eagerly for the album to emerge as the year continues because honestly, my prediction is that it will top ‘Free’.


The other notable mention for this post has GOT to be the new Steel Panther album.


It’s called ‘All You Can Eat’ and the album cover is…well…put it this way, I don’t think some religious people will be too thrilled with it.

And I don’t think parents will be too thrilled with the album either.

Or any sensible people whatsoever.

I think to be a fan of Steel Panther, you have to not care about shocking people because the band certainly don’t, which makes for a very elite audience – you know anyone who likes Steel Panther is a little bit crazy, just like you. One of the new songs is called ‘F@#ing My Heart In The Ass’ for crying out loud! And one of the lines in ‘Gloryhole’ is “Honey, I don’t want to know who’s sucking my dick today”…and just listen to ‘BVS’…please, it’s hilarious!

Honestly though, I think this album is one of the funniest musical ventures I’ve ever heard – it’s pure entertainment the whole way through. Isn’t that what music should be about?

You can’t deny though, that Steel Panther have ginormous balls for being the band that fronts this kind of material and I think that the individuality is what has caused their surge in popularity in recent years. Yeah, songs with a strong political message are good and meaningful…but don’t we get enough of that in the news? Wouldn’t it be nice to have something less serious? If you agree with me, then you need to give this album a listen.

It’s not a lyrical masterpiece (for example: “That place was packed with wrinkly boobies and dicks” in ‘Gangbang At The Old Folks Home’….I wish I was joking!) but it’s funny and is guaranteed to make you smile if you’re as immature as they are. I imagine it’d be great in the car too…just not on the ‘family friendly’ playlist, please!

To be honest, I’m sure that one day they’ll run out of crude scenarios or rhyming words for boobs, but for now, it’s a nice break from the seriousness of everyday life.

‘All You Can Eat’ is being streamed in full on the Kerrang! website here, so give it a listen if you fancy it and let me know what you think. Do you think it’s same old, same old for Steel Panther and it’s getting boring now, or do you like that they’ve got a style and stuck to it? For me, the song to check out is ‘If I Was King’, what’s yours?

Similarly for the Twin Atlantic song ‘Heart And Soul’ – drop a comment with your opinions! Don’t be shy! :D

So, for now, I’m off. I’m going to see You Me At Six at the weekend with Don Broco and Young Kato which I’m VERY EXCITED ABOUT! So there’ll be a review and pictures coming early next week!

Cheers! :D

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