The what-I-call Music News (volume 1)

Golly, what a busy couple of weeks!

It was what-I-call rather hectic! Cheeky Miranda reference there. Honestly, the amount of times I’ve been told how like Miranda Hart I am is quite worrying – should I consider that a complement or not? I’m unsure.

But now the essays are done and the presentations presented I can get down to the business I wanted to cover the other week…


Some pretty big things have happened lately and you may or not be aware of them. Allow me to enlighten you.

First matter of business, your Honour:

The split of Kids In Glass Houses <sobs uncontrollably in the corner>


It’s always a really sad day when a band you have a massive amount of respect for decide to move on. When I initially saw this on the Kerrang! website it genuinely made me sad and totally killed my morning. Say what you want about KIGH, but they’ve been a massive influence on their genre and have helped to pave the way for other emerging bands now – Mallory Knox, for example.

From what I can gather, it’s purely come down to not being able to make ends meet. The latest album ‘Peace’ had some hype around it and a bit of radio play…and then they disappeared again. I read an interview with Aled Phillips, the vocalist, here and he echoed these sentiments. He also mentions about the third album ‘In Gold Blood’ and how, perhaps it wasn’t a clever business move for them.

I’d like to put it out there, however, that I loved this album.

I liked that it was different from ‘Smart Casual’ and ‘Dirt’ (the band’s first two albums). I liked that it had a certain maturity about it; it was darker and heavier, but still with their trademark vocal hooks and melodies. It was a braver move and I, along with the reviewers, seemed to think it was a step in the right direction. But I don’t think it went down as well with many other fans and the band found themselves trying to recover fans from it and recruit new ones.

I saw them live supporting You Me At Six in Yeovil in 2012 and my god, THE ENERGY! They were phenomenal, far too good to be a supporting act. Phillips mentions how he hopes they “are remembered as a live band more than anything” and for me certainly, they will be.

I urge EVERYONE, to go and support them on their farewell tour in October this year and help share the KIGH love for the final time. Dates and venues are at the link above and on their facebook page…DO IT.

Ok, next on the agenda, New Found Glory.

This morning the reason why New Found Glory decided to part ways with Steve Klein back in December last year due to ‘personal differences’ was revealed……turns out that sex offences which could amount to 27 years in prison comes under that category. :(

I’m not going to go off on a spiel and compare him to Ian Watkins because that would not be fair  Klein as he has yet to be convicted and Watkins was clearly guilty and off his face on meth the entire time.

The whole story has kicked off a bit since this morning (13th March) as New Found Glory released a statement on their Facebook page here, and Klein’s lawyer has released a statement to Alt Press in which she states how she believes he is innocent of any blame. Read up on these things before you go making big statements about him and comparing him to Watkins…please, on behalf of all people who laugh at those who try and bullshit about something they know nothing about!

I don’t know much about law and don’t want to go and say anything as to whether or not he’s guilty until something clearer emerges, but rest assured, when I know, you’ll know too!

Let’s move on to something nicer now!

There’s been some cracking festival announcements in the last couple of weeks haven’t there! Slam Dunk being the one which springs immediately to mind.

slam dunk 2014

How good is that!! And there’s still more to be announced!

At the start of the month, We Are The In Crowd, Less Than Jake, Motion City Soundtrack, Hit The Lights, State Champs, A Loss For Words, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Marmozets and Blitz Kids were added to the already cracking line up to make it a proper mix of genres – the pop punk of We Are The In Crowd (who, by the way are VERY good live), to a band like Bury Tomorrow, who certainly can NOT be considered pop punk!

It runs on the Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday of May (the 24th, 25th and 26th) in Leeds, Hertfordshire and Wolverhampton respectively. Get to it, look at that line-up! You’d be mad not to!

Another exciting festival/tour announcement is that of the Carnivores Tour.

If you haven’t heard about this, it’s 30 Seconds to Mars…and Linkin Park…and AFI! WHUUUUUUUTT!

I’m not going to deny the fact that I got super duper excited about this…and then my heart broke when I realised that it was only a US tour. I nearly died of disappointment.

It really gets to me when a band decides to promote an amazing tour then you start to get really excited…..buuuuuut, it’s only in North America! The Spring Fever Tour in spring 2013 with All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, You Me At Six and Mayday Parade and the House Party Tour (A Day To Remember, All Time Low and Pierce The Veil) would be other good examples of this. Imagine seeing that!

Never mind though.

If you fancy going to America for a bit, y’know, see the sights, go to the Carnivores Tour (and hey, you may as well catch a couple of dates of Warped Tour before it starts while you’re at it) then it runs from the start of August through to September.

And finally, some fun news!

Taylor Hawkins, who you should know from Foo Fighters – if you don’t know who the Foo Fighters are…just get out now, I’m very disappointed in you, you don’t even know who the Foo Fighters are and you’re reading a music blog…my god! – has started a new side project called the Birds of Satan. Bit of an odd name, I know, but I can forgive him!

They’ve released a song too called ‘Thanks for The Line’ which can be found here, along with more info about them.

Those of us who are familiar with Hawkins and Foo Fighters know that he lends his vocals on the song ‘Cold Day In The Sun’ and that he has got actually a really lovely voice, which tends to be uncommon for drummers.

The song sounds very promising, with a good mix of Hawkins’ strong drums and gravelly vocals and then the small piano bridge, followed rapidly by a blistering guitar solo. You’re never left wondering what the song is called either as it is repeated lots and lots and lots of times which I always like! It wouldn’t be out of place on a Foo Fighters album but it’s exciting and catchy and I personally can’t wait for them to release another song.

And the fact that Hawkins has said that this new side-project will not interfere with the Foos new material makes it all the more attractive!

And so concludes the music news – just a few things that I reckon you need to know and now you do! You’re in the loop, you’re not the kid who doesn’t know what’s going on! Hurrah!

Until we meet again friends :D

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We should all take a leaf from this guy’s book!

Hello internet!

Firstly, I’d like to start by saying how overwhelmed I was by the response from my interview with Our Theory! It was so rewarding to see people reading, sharing and visiting my blog; it gave me so much encouragement that journalism is something that I’d love to go into, it’s given me more of a nudge in the right direction rather than floating meaninglessly through not having a clue what to do with my degree once I’ve got it! People from all over read it: Italy, Kenya, New Zealand (props to Team Long for that!), the PHILIPPINES! I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYONE WHO LIVES IN THE PHILIPPINES!

It’s safe to say that the whole thing blew my mind.

But now for that awkward second album…

I was going to do a round up of several of the different musical news items which have happened recently (the split of Kids In Glass Houses <sobs>, some of the music videos released in the last few days and the various new festival announcements – y’know things in that vein)….and then I thought should have a small rant on the Oscars and awards ceremonies happening at the moment and poor ol’ Leo DiCaprio…..

And THEN, about 10 minutes ago, I came across this on the BBC website. It was published at 20 to 1 this morning (4th March) and for me, it displays the resilience and curiosity which makes mankind a true force to be reckoned with.

It is the incredible story of an Indian man who, upon discovering how his wife was dealing with her time of the month, decided to do what most men would not and create his own sanitary towels for her and, in turn, women from the poorest villages across India.

I think I’d be right in saying that us girls in our western, developed countries tend to take advantage of the fact that we have such a high standard of feminine hygiene products available to us during this oh so wonderful time and at a reasonably low cost. As I was reading this article, I was shocked by how these Indian women dealt with it until Muruganantham, a school drop out from southern India, became morbidly curious of how he could improve hygiene standards for his wife.

However, it did come at some personal sacrifice: he was ostracised from his own village and branded a pervert for the research he conducted and his wife (the one he was doing this all for) left him because she couldn’t take the strain…there’s some irony there, I give you that.

It was through a phenomenal effort on his part that he eventually made a machine to make the sanitary pads which in turn provided jobs and an income for many women.

This is the kind of thing that we should be seeing in the news. We should see stories about amazing human achievements sandwiched in between all the stories of murders and wars because I don’t know about you, but when I read the article, I was astounded.

I’ve just been completely put off the news because of the fact that it’s all about horrible things that really bums me out! You look at the people and the disturbing acts being carried out around the world and it’s enough to make anyone lose hope. We should have more stories about this selfless feat and other news that just makes you feel a bit better about the state of humanity. Heck, even that story about that 2 year old Trick-shot Titus who can get a basketball in the net better than anyone, EVEN Channing Tatum! Follow that link…I’m not ashamed to admit that it makes me tear up a teeny bit at the end!

I think it’s important that stories like Muruganantham’s make it into the news – he’s a remarkable man and has done so much for women in his country and has done it all for barely any personal gain other than to have the people around him happier and healthier. I think they’re making his story into a documentary-style film in which we’ll be able to see how it all really came to be.

But for now, this guy needs some serious publicity and some kind of amazing human award for being incredible….is there a Nobel Prize for something like that? Because if so, he should get it.


I’ll probably cover music news in my next post, so if you want to hear about Kids In Glass Houses and other such news, stay tuned! :D

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