Welcome to my piece of Internet!

So, I’m taking the leap, taking the plunge, crossing a new bridge or any other similar expressions for starting something new and I’m starting a blog. Cue applause! I’m the kind of person that goes on about how they’re going to do something for ages….and then promptly never mentions it again and never gets around to it. A blog is a perfect example. Last summer, I first came across the idea and proclaimed to all my friends that I was going to ‘write about everything we do in the summer and take loads of pictures and it’ll be amazing!’ Roughly 8 months on, here we are. Nothing exciting is happening to provide a stimulus, but I’m excited all the same!

Bearing in mind that I’m the kind of person that knows very little about computers or internetty, wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, (because that’s all it is to me) everyone and their mother has a blog, so how hard can it be – some mothers are notoriously computer illiterate, I base this example on my own mother in particular.

But my aim, internetty stuff permitting, is to do a bit of writing every now and again about something that springs to mind or something that’s bothered me or interested me, so there’s going to be a wide variety of stuff coming out of my head onto my laptop keys.

Perhaps a bit about me now would be useful? Just so you know what you’re letting yourself in for! ……that is, if there anyone ever reads this apart from people I nag into it!

My name’s Lizzie, I’m 19 and a student….which was one of my main reasons for starting this – I was bored this afternoon and couldn’t bring myself to read about French cinema or post-colonialism any more! I’m studying English Literature and French at uni, so it’s possible that some of these blogs will relate to things I’ve learned in the week or funny things that have happened in seminars or lectures. Apart from this, one of my main loves in life is music.

God, that sounds cheesy and stereotypical in the worst possible way! I do love music though, but GOOD music, none of this Kanye West, Katy Perry, Kodaline mainstream bullshit, (I don’t know what the etiquette is for swearing is on a blog…I guess it’s my blog my rules…sweet!) I like the proper stuff! Proper music with proper instruments! Programmed drums are a major problem for me. Give me a band with guitars and drums and real life vocals any day!

Time for that another day though.

For now, I think I’m going to conclude this. This is only the first of what hopefully will be many more ponderances to come…I think I’m going to get quite into this! Maybe I’ll write again tomorrow. But for now, au revoir, sleep well :D


Author: LizzieBeth

A 23 year old postgraduate student who will never quite grow up enough to leave the Harry Potter universe behind or accept that it's time to leave university. I write to explore, to create and occasionally to vent. I tend to be consumed with fits of spontaneity that leave me looking at the screen wishing I'd used fewer commas and ended sentences that run on far longer than they should. I'm a jolly soul by nature, come say hello!

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